Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A start.....some ripping and a new start.... finally

I started mine the other evening and worked away at it ..... then picked it up again last night and worked some more. The more I stitched the less happy I was with it. It was looking VERY stripey!! Then I tried to scatter the stitches and make it look a little more blocky and that looked freckled and spotty. I then finally made the decision to rip/frog/pull out everything that I had done and go with a colour I had thought about doing when I started the piece. I decided to go back to HDF "Old Maid of the Sea." Here is a snap of the little bit I got done after all the bother....

This is a terrible picture, I even tried to adjust the lighting on the computer ( it did not work).... I will get a better on tonight. I am much happier with the way this is turning out. I have also ordered some secondary colours from HDF so I have not made a decision on what colour the rabbit will be.....yet. :)

Take care,

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Carol R said...

I like Old Maid of the Sea and look forward to see what colour you chose for Mr Rabbit.