Friday, February 29, 2008

And a few more stitches

I only managed a few more stitches yesterday but a few is better than none!  Is anyone stitching along with me?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A start!

I made a start! I really love how the OMG Red looks against the lambswool fabric. It will not be long before my piece is stitched and it will be ready to be mailed off to Edgar. It seems strange to think I will not see this project for a year so I hope for regular photos to see how it's coming along.  

Anyone else made a start? 

Monday, February 25, 2008

A little test for coverage....

I did a little test of some leaves to see what the coverage would be with one or two strands of silk. Here is a snap - What do you think??

I think I am kinda liking the two over two.
I am getting the edges serged ( I really hate it when the edges unravel) and will start mine over the weekend.


I'm ready to start!

My lambswool fabric has now crossed the ocean and I am ready to make a start! I am getting the edges overlocked tomorrow and then I just might put in a few stitches after that. I can't wait to start this project.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little change

I think this will be a little easier for everyone. I always wondered about that black... :) I think we will go with q-snap and popping the piece out when not being worked on. I have no idea who Joshua is but since he likes the site ..... and we aim to please!!!!! I of course did no test yet :( but will tonight first thing before anything else is stitched upon!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Q-snaps or Hoops

What does everyone think about q-snaps or hoops. I would prefer that my linen be taking out of either the hoop or q-snap when not being worked on. I can go either way with the hoop/snap but have been using the q-snap thingie exclusively for past few weeks and really like it.

Let me know what everyone thinks!!


New header shot and an email....

Hi All,
I thought I would throw a snap at the header to let those that stumble upon us see what is going on... what do you think? Also I will be sending out an email today (or more probably tomorrow) so keep a look out!!!

Take care,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's here!

My chart arrived this morning along with Edgar's breakup of the chart - thank you Edgar. I really can't wait to start this project but I have to finish my biscornu for the HOE exchange first and as I am awaiting on yet more fabric to come from NIAH I guess I am going to have to wait! Is there a "Patience is a Virtue" pattern? lol  

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yay, my chart arrived today

I also received the break up of the chart from Edgar (thanks Edgar!).

Now to decide what fabric and threads to use (although I do like the multi-colour version on the chart itself).

Chart Size

Hi All -

Donna - that is a great color and will look super on the fabric you picked out - I know what you mean about 36 count - :)

Carol -I really like the OMG Red!

To answer the size questions - the chart has the design stitch count as 209 x 152.

My stitch calculator works that out to be -

On 36 count fabric 2 over 2 with a 2 inch border - Stitched area will be 11 5/8 x 8 1/2
with the fabric being 15 1/2 x 12 1/2.

On 32 count fabric 2 over 2 with a 2 inch border - Stitched area 13 1/8 x9 1/2
with the fabric being 17 x 13 1/2.

The chart also give two versions of a completed piece one monochromatic and one with 7 different colours. I would think if you wanted to use various colours that would be just fine. You would need to send specific instructions with your piece as to what goes where, but so long as it was explained it should be fine.
I am going with a single silk but I am doing that rabbit in a alternate colour before I send it off. :)

I also got into the mail the break up of the chart so everyone should be getting that pretty soon.

I thought about the April 1st mail date - it just happened to hit there.... as I picked all Tuesdays since Mondays are such busy days at the post office.

I should do a little test area like Carol - what a good idea!!!

Take care,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fabric and floss

I stitched a few 'test' pieces last night.  The top one, which I gave up on as I thought it disappeared into the fabric, is Vicki Clayton's OMG Red (one strand) on flax 36ct. I then stitched two 'snowflakes' on lambswell 32ct. The one on the left is one strand of OMG Red and the other one, using two strands, is two sections in OMG Red and the remaining sections in Imperialosity.  So this means that I am going with OMG Red with two strands on the 32ct lambswool and the only problem here is my piece of fabric is 19" x 14 1/4" and I not sure if it's big enough so I may have to order some more. I had not realised that Vicki's silk was so thin and I am thinking I should have chosen Au Ver a Soie or Needlepoint Inc both of which I have used before. 

Still no chart!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Picture of my linen and floss.

Here is my choice of linen, it is a 32 count antique light khaki color, I did look at 36 count and decided my poor eyes deserved a break from that one. (haha) I have picked out Needlepoint Silks in a hunter teal green, I know there are only 3 skeins pictured, I ordered 3 more since I bought all my LNS had. They did not have Vicki Clayton silks, they had Needlepoint Silks and Ave A Soil(most likey misspelled) and but only ones or twos per color. So I did choose Needlepoint because the shop owner assured me that I'd be able to get the same dyelot again from Needlepoint. So here's hoping!
Question? We are only picking one color for the entire project, right?
It's hard to see the color good, but it is very lovely, and since I plan to hang this sampler in my living room I went with the darker green.
My linen size is 18" by 18". I'm very excited to get started! I'm glad I'm stitching with ya'll!
Donna>aka DaisyGirl

April 1st? April Fool?

I have just realised that our first posting date is April 1st.  I hope that isn't an ominous sign that Edgar is just having a joke with us!! lol

I am really looking forward to starting this RR - my first one and I couldn't have chosen a better group to be with. I am still awaiting my chart from Wyndham Needleworks so I do not know the stitch count. Does anyone know? I can at least prepare my fabric, although I still need to decide which fabric I am going to use but I may just have enough lambswool 32ct as I think QF may be smaller than I thought.  Are we basting the sections?

Happy stitchy weekend.  

Friday, February 15, 2008

Up and Running

Here we go - I have sent out invitations so that we can all post here. I will be adding to the blog over the next few days. Any suggestions just toss them this way!!! I will also be mailing out today the section breakdown for the chart.

Quakers away!