Saturday, February 16, 2008

Picture of my linen and floss.

Here is my choice of linen, it is a 32 count antique light khaki color, I did look at 36 count and decided my poor eyes deserved a break from that one. (haha) I have picked out Needlepoint Silks in a hunter teal green, I know there are only 3 skeins pictured, I ordered 3 more since I bought all my LNS had. They did not have Vicki Clayton silks, they had Needlepoint Silks and Ave A Soil(most likey misspelled) and but only ones or twos per color. So I did choose Needlepoint because the shop owner assured me that I'd be able to get the same dyelot again from Needlepoint. So here's hoping!
Question? We are only picking one color for the entire project, right?
It's hard to see the color good, but it is very lovely, and since I plan to hang this sampler in my living room I went with the darker green.
My linen size is 18" by 18". I'm very excited to get started! I'm glad I'm stitching with ya'll!
Donna>aka DaisyGirl


Carol R said...

Are you going to stitch (over 2) with one or two strands? I did some test 'snowflakes' with the VC silk on 32ct lambswool and 1 strand looked a bit sparse - 2 really popped. I also did a test with OMG Red on the flax 36ct and did not like that. Will post pictures later. VC silks are not as thick as Needlepoint Incs though.

DaisyGirl said...

I'm gonna stitch over two with 2 threads. My LNS owner said I'd have better coverage with the silks.