Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getting there...

I worked some on mine last night and here is a progress snap -

I am now waiting for my extra silk from Vicki at HDF, due to my colour change I did not have enough to send this out into the world. My plan was to finish and get it out next Tuesday.... but the best laid plans don'tcha' know!!! If it is ready to go I say send away, the dates for mailing I feel are the outside times it should be sent to allow for mailing and stitching. As soon as I get mine together I will post this sucker off - zoom!!!!

Take care,


Carol R said...

I love your colour change - it's gorgeous - oh darn it's nicer than mine lol. Why do I always prefer other people's choices? I think I will mail mine in the next few days.

DaisyGirl said...

Carol, I love your red color!

Carol R said...

Thank you Donna . I like my red too. Did you see Mindi's? She posted a picture on the Quaker Forum of Vicki Clayton's site. It's really pretty. She is using 36 ct Silkweaver Days Gone By with Examplar Raisin Wine and Old Maid of the Soil.