Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wondering What To Do!

Dear Edgar and Everyone, (especially Wendy Jo!)

I've just come back from my DD's house after about a month there. I wasn't able to bring my mag. floor lamp, but thought my table lamp would be enough...it wasn't. So, I'm pretty much behind right now in working on Wendy Jo's piece. By mailing time, I may have a partial section of it completed, but surely not all of the section. I am so sorry to be in this place and to disappoint everyone. :[

Should I keep Wendy's piece, or send it along to finish later? What would the group, or you, Edgar, like me to do? I should say that Wendy's fabric is 36ct, 1 thread over 2 stitches.

Thanks for helping me out on this question.

Hugs and Happy Holidays to All,



Carol R said...

I'm happy for the deadline to be extended for a week or two!

Happy New Year to you all

WendyJo said...


I, too, am happy to have the deadline extended a week or two as well.

Many hugs to you,
Wendy Jo

Barbeeque4 said...

Sending out an email....