Monday, August 18, 2008

My re-start

Here's a picture of my re-start. The fabric is 35ct lambswool linen and the silk is Vicki Clayton's Imperialosity - 1 strand over 2. I was going to order in something new but decided to go with whatever I had in my stash. Haven't quite decided whether to stitch the rabbit and maybe accents in grey. If so, I will frog the initials and year and replace them too. Hopefully I should finish my section for the mailing deadline!


Rowyn said...

It looks great Carol.

Anonymous said...

OK, I can understand the anger than would come from the loss of fabric and silk AND the loss of all the stiching done so far on 3RR's (I'd be REALLY ticked) but . . . does anyone know if something has HAPPENED to this Mindi person . . . Is she still alive? Did she have to flee an abusive relationship or risk not being alive? Is she in the hospital on her death bed? . .

I've been watching the saga unfold on Edgar's blog but can't help but wonder if anyone knows the whole story . . .

Just snoopy,